Computer Aptitude Question with answers for banks and other exams

Computer Aptitude questions are asked in various entrance exams such as bank exams, IBPS, State Bank, PO, Clerk, UPSC, Competitions, and Entrance exams.  Computer Aptitude questions test the basic knowledge of computers that a person has. In this quiz, we will discuss some of the most commonly asked computer aptitude questions along with their answers.

Computer Aptitude

Brief About Computer Science

In 1927, John Vincent Atanasoff and Clifford Berry developed the first electronic computer. The Atanasoff-Berry Computer is generally considered to be the first computer. In 1937, Konrad Zuse described a fully functional computer in his doctoral dissertation.

In 1946, Alan Turing published a paper detailing an algorithm for solving calculations on finite fields using machine code. In 1947, John McCarthy published his article “A Logical Theory of Computation.” In 1956, Grace Hopper invented the first compiler for the digital computer.

Computer Aptitude Questions with answers

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Computer Aptitude Question with answers for banks and other entrance exam

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Security procedures can:

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What is a complex system that takes on nearly complete responsibility for a task eliminating the need for people, verification, or decision making?

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Over ___ was spent by businesses and government to repair problems in regard to Y2K.

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Creating strong computer security to prevent computer crime usually simultaneously helps protect:

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Most computer systems rely solely on ___ for authentication.

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___ is defined as any crime completed through the use of computer technology.

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Freeware ___ encrypts data.

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All of these are suggestions for safe computing EXCEPT:

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A (n) ___ can shield electronic equipment from power spikes.

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To prevent the loss of data during power failures, use a(n):

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Which of the following is NOT a computer programming language?

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The Quickest and easiest way in Word, to locate a particular word or phrase in a document is use the ....... command.

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What is the full form of USB as used in computer related activities?

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Most of the commonly used personal computers/laptops do not have a command key known as ___

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Which of the following is a web browser?

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What is an E-mail attachment?

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Which of the following are all considered advantages of e-mails?

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Codes consisting of bars or lines of varying width or lengths that are computer readable are known as ......

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What is the most common way to get a virus in your computer hard disk?

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 A ___ is a unique name that you give to a file of information.

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Whenever we have to give space between the two words while typing on a PC we have to press a key known as ___

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Most of the commonly available personal computers/laptops have a keyboard popularly known as ___

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A program to design to destroy data on your computer which can travel to 'infect' other computer is called a ___.

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Which of the following is NOT hardware of a computer?

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To prepare a presentation / slide show which application is commonly used?

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Which of the following is permanent memory?

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Internal memory in a CPU is nothing but:

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Which of the following is responsible for all types of calculations?

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 The time taken by CPU to retrieve and interpret the instruction to be executed is called as:

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GUI stands for:

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Microprocessor was introduced in which generation of computer?

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First Generation of computer was based on which technology?

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ENIAC stands for:

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Who developed the `analytical engine’?

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PARAM is an example of:

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Which of the following is available in the form of a PC now?

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In which type of computer, data are represented as discrete signals?

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CPU stands for:

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A computer can perform, which of the following tasks?

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Physical structure of computer is called:

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In any computer installation, how many elements consists?

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In world today, most of the computers are:

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Computers, combine both measuring and counting, are called:

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Vth Generation Computers are based on:

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IV Generation Computers contain:

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II Generation Computers are made of:

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First Generation Computers contain:

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How many generations, computer can be classified?

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The first Digital Computer introduced, was named as:

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Who is called as “Father of Computers”?

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Preparing for computer aptitude questions is essential for those looking to work in banking and other similar industries. By studying and practicing the questions provided in this Quiz, you increased your chances of success on these types of exams. So good luck, and start practicing more quizzes linked below today!

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