Cloud Computing Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Cloud Computing Multiple Choice Questions and Answers – Cloud Computing Objective Questions MCQ Tutorial for MCA, BCA exams.

Cloud Computing MCQs with answers

1. Private cloud allows the compute capability and services to the internal users in a self-service manner [True/False].
Ans: True

2. ___ is the best example of standardized workload applications.
Ans: Email.

3. Hybrid cloud is a combination of ___ and ___ clouds.
Ans: Private & public

4. ___ cloud supports the utmost scalability and effectiveness for a business.
Ans: Hybrid

5. ___ is the first step you need to know to assess company capital expenditure.
Ans: Cost of your data centre

6. Private cloud computing cost productivity depends on ___
a. Economies of scale
b. Higher workload density
c. Dynamic management
d. All the above
Ans: d. All the above

7. ___ company is focused on virtualization and the impact of the cloud on storage requirements.
Ans: EMC

8. ___ has put a special emphasis on helping customers who want to create hybrid cloud environments.
Ans: HP

9. VMware provides the cloud operating system for private clouds through its software solution called ___
Ans: vSphere

10. ISV stands for ___
Ans: Independent software vendors.

11. A best practice becomes a de-facto standard. State [True/False]
Ans: True

12. Cloud computing should follow
a. World-class security
b. True multitenancy
c. Proven scale
d. All the above
Ans: d. All the above

13. ___ are a core set of common and repeatable best practices
Ans: Standards

14. Combining various hardware and software components together to create something is called___.
Ans: Integration

15. ___ and ___ become major issues when cloud vendors have different platforms.
Ans: Portability and integration

16. DMTF stands for ___
Ans: Distributed Management Task Force

17. ___ group focuses on standards and standards-based architecture for sharing information between clouds.
Ans: Working Group on Information Sharing, Security, and Clouds

18. The Open Cloud Computing Interface Group (OCCI), formed in the year
a. 2009
b. 2007
c. 2003
d. 2010
Ans: a. 2009

19. ___ goal is to improve business effectiveness for service providers and their suppliers.
Ans: TM forum

20. Cloud storage service allows storing remotely made available locally state [True/False].
Ans: True

21. In ___ concept the data are separated from the actual desktop and stored on a server in a data centre.
Ans: Virtualisation

22. TCO stands for ___.
Ans: Total Cost of Ownership

23. Virtualization is popular in a number of industries. [True/False]
Ans: True

24. Virtualizing the client desktop can happen in ___ ways.
a. Two
b. Three
c. Four
d. None of the above
Ans: C. Four

25. PC virtualisation upfront investment is very high and transforms most client computing costs from fixed to a variable [True/False]
Ans: False

26. ___ removes a layer of complexity associated with deploying and managing VDI
Ans: DaaS

27. In desktop management ___ metric helps to measures uptime.
Ans: Availability

28. A ___ is a database that itemizes hardware assets and records all the details while managing assets.
Ans: Register

29. ___ are software changes that fix bugs rather than upgrade functionality.
Ans: Patches

30. ___ is all about applying policies relating to using services.
Ans: Governance

31. ___ is a business model in which a large company rents space for smaller companies
Ans: Storage as a Service

32. Improved contribution to stakeholder returns considered as one of the benefits of IT governance. State [True/False]
Ans: True

33. ___ enables an integrated approach to meet external legal and regulatory requirements.
Ans: External compliance

34. Cloud governance is a shared responsibility between ___ and ___.
Ans: user of cloud services and cloud provider

35. KPI stands for ___.
Ans: Key Performance Indicators.

36. Name the Governance strategy which needs to be supported.
Ans: Understanding the compliance, Understanding the performance goals

37. Each industry has a set of governance principles based on its ___ and ___and its view of risk.
Ans: regulatory and competitive environment

38. Many organizations use a ___ as a record of IT services.
Ans: service catalogue

39. The cloud needs governance bodies that deal with the standardization of services and other shared infrastructure issues. State [True/False].
Ans: True

40. ___ is the first and only open-source RDBMS purpose-built entirely for data warehousing and business intelligence, developed by the Eigenbase Project.
Ans: LucidDB

41. ___ provides its own online word processor and cloud storage space for your documents.
Ans: Adobe

42. ___ search engine uses heavy cloud processing to bring detailed searches to handheld device
a. Microsoft’s mobile phone
b. Picnik
c. Evernote
d. Jooce
Ans: a. Microsoft’s mobile phone

43. ___ offers a virtual lab in the cloud
Ans: Skytap

44. The Migration Tool is a ___ based command-line utility.
Ans: Java/Ant-

45. ___ is important to sales professionals who want to have visibility of the types of activity by their team.
Ans: Sales activity dashboard.

46. ___ is the cornerstone service for the email to most of the organization.
Ans: MS Exchange

47. The main tool for migrations in VMware’s arsenal is VMotion state [True/False].
Ans: True

48. ___ confirms all data input to any system or applications are whole, correct, and realistic to ensure the completeness and accuracy of data input-output and processing.
Ans: Input validation controls

49. Consistency of speed is mandatory for evaluating performance. State [True/False]
Ans: True

50. Hyperic HQ is also referred to as ___
a. private cloud
b. public cloud
c. hybrid cloud
d. None of the above
Ans: a. private cloud

51. A ___ to act as an obstruction between the public Internet and any private network.
Ans: firewall

52. ___ is a patented software framework introduced by Google to support distributed computing on large sets of data.
Ans: MapReduce

53. Hyperic also offers a free cloud monitoring tool called ___
Ans: CloudStatus

54. Make sure your vendor provides customizable ___ and ___.
Ans: data views and reporting

55. CSV stands for ___
Ans: Comma Separated Value

56. Who sees cloud computing as an evolution of business that is no less influential than e-business?
Ans: Gartner

57. The Service Cloud is made up of ___ main components.
Ans: six

58. A web application framework is used to support the development of ___ web sites.
Ans: Dynamic

59. SaaS stands for ___.
Ans: Software As a Service

60. The concept of ___ is allied with the power of a judge or government entity to declare authority over the persons or things involved in an action and to make a decision about a specific issue or sets of facts.
Ans: Jurisdiction

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