Cloud Computing Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Are you a student preparing for an exam in cloud computing? Are you looking for a comprehensive set of multiple-choice questions and answers to help you revise and test your knowledge?

Look no further, because this article is exactly what you need. In the world of technology, cloud computing has emerged as a vital concept, and understanding its principles and components is crucial for anyone aspiring to excel in this field.

Whether you are studying computer science or pursuing a career in IT, having a strong grasp of cloud computing will undoubtedly give you an edge. This article aims to provide you with a curated collection of multiple-choice questions and their corresponding answers, designed specifically to enhance your understanding and prepare you for any cloud computing exam that may come your way.

Cloud Computing MCQs pdf tutorial multiple choice questions and answers for preparation of IT competitive & academic examinations.

Cloud Computing Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Cloud Computing Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

1. Software applications with their control and the data resided in the mainframe computers called ___.
Ans: Server

2. In P2P architecture all the computers that are connected have equal resources and capabilities [True/False]
Ans: True

3. The first major Internet-based distributed computing project was ___, launched in1997.

4. Name the computing which was considered as a driving force behind cloud computing.
a. Peer to peer
b. Collaborative
c. Distributed
d. Client/server
Ans: b) collaborative

5. ___ in cloud computing technology takes up the idea of using the internet to run software on an individual’s computer.
Ans: Cloud

6. Key to cloud computing is a massive network of servers or even individual PCs interconnected in a grid [True/False].
Ans: True

7. Name the component through which the cloud user interacts.
Ans: User interface

8. In cloud storage, data is stored on multiple ___.
Ans: third-party servers

9. Name the three broad categories of cloud services
Ans: SaaS, PaaS, IaaS

10. Name the first software with the multitenant platform that charged based on usage instead of buying the software.
Ans: Salesforce

11. ___ is the familiar Microsoft Office now available on the cloud as SaaS
Ans: Office 365

12. AWS stands for ___
Ans: Amazon Web Services.

13. How many cloud service models are available?
Ans: Three

14. Customer accesses the cloud services through ___.
Ans: Interfaces

15. Greatest value of IaaS achieved through ____
Ans: cloud bursting.

16. Companies with research-intensive projects are not a fit for IaaS. State[True/False].
Ans: False

17. PaaS provides computational resources through the platform such as ___.
Ans: Operating System

18. ___ and ___ are the main components of PaaS.
Ans: Platform and service

19. SaaS reduces the hardware cost State [True/False]
Ans: True

20. The fourth driving factor of return on investment for SaaS is considered as ___.
Ans: speed of deployment

21. The services provided by the cloud will influence your organization either ___ or___.
Ans: directly or indirectly.

22. Cloud computing is enabling organizations to reduce costs and improve service levels state [True/False].
Ans: True

23. Generally investments in cloud computing will be dominated by a ___.
Ans: cost perspective

24. Pick from the following the key factor which supports to achieve strategically success design in cloud computing.
1. Customer service experience
2. Identifying IT service
3. Security issues
4. All the above
Ans: 4) All the above

25. Who can be included in the company for the governance and system development life cycle process?
Ans: security officer or director

26. SoD Stands for ___
1. Segregation of Duties
2. Separation of Duties
3. Segment of Deployment
4. Segregation of Deployment
Ans: 1) Segregation of Duties

27. ___ will monitor operational security issues related to the cloud.
Ans: Department of Homeland Security

28. Linking internal and external processes together in a continuous way is the best way to ensure ___. Effective cloud-based ___ can capture performance issues before they happen. workload monitoring.
Ans: customer satisfaction

29. Cloud licensing models are based on ___.
Ans: rental arrangement.

30. SLA Stands for ___. ___
Ans: Service level agreement.

31. ___ is the agreement with an individual customer group by covering all the services they utilize
a. Customer based
b. service-based
c. Level based
d. customer level based
Ans: a. Customer based

32. SLA is a contract that specifies only the type of service which you are going to avail from providers. [True/False]
Ans: False

33. ___ customer service which provides software as a service solution for most of the companies.

34. ___ provides technical expertise for the complete range of AWS services.
Ans: Technical Account Manager

35. TAM management business review responsible for helping you in ___.
a. Planning
b. executing
c. Evaluating
d. All the above
Ans: d. All the above

36. Online accounts receivable and payable cloud service simplifies and automates vendor ___ and ___.
Ans: bill payment and customer invoicing.

37. ___ service speeds up the process and simplifies your tracking time.
Ans: Time & Expense

38. Basic data centre network can be changed when you move applications or services into the cloud. State [True/False]
Ans: True

39. Customers expectation for provisioning extra service to be
a. immediate
b. automatic
c. effortless
d. All the above
Ans: d. All the above

40. ___ technology is to dynamically assign resource shares according to service requirements.
Ans: Virtual Machine

41. ___ clients are functional whether they are connected to a network or not.
Ans: Thick

42. Expand CRM
a. Customer Relationship Management
b. Customer Relation Management
c. Customer Relationship Maintenance
d. Customer Relation Maintenance
Ans: a) Customer Relationship Management

43. is a purely cloud-based ___ for companies.
Ans: CRM System

44. Ability to do a deeper level of logging in the cloud environment via a large database otherwise called ___.
Ans: big table.

45. The virtual machine can be cloned for easy ___ analysis.
Ans: offline

46. ___ approach allows customers to access the cloud via the public Internet, but enhancement occurs on the provider’s cloud.
Ans: Optimized Internet overlay

47. Clients located at major sites normally access applications over the corporate WAN. (True/False).
Ans: True

48. To reduce bandwidth requirements by up to 80 per cent, smaller providers can use ___.
Ans: WOC

49. In-house applications rely on services like ___ to provide the information.
Ans: Active Directory

50. Amazon’s Simple Queue Service (SQS) provides a way for applications to exchange messages via queues in the cloud. (True/False)
Ans: True

51. ___ allows on-site and cloud applications to submit searches and then get the results back.
Ans: Microsoft’s Live Search

52. Django is an open-source web application framework written in Python. State [True/False]
Ans: True

53. Name the three components of Mosso offering.
Ans: cloud sites, files and servers

54. API stands for ____
Ans: Application Programming Interface

55. API is similar to ___ service.
Ans: SaaS

56. Google Gadgets are a desktop search application that enables users to search called ___
Ans: Google Desktop Search

57. Internet Explorer 8 has been designed to include ___ rendering modes.
Ans: Three.

58. ___ features is an intuitive browsing experience with drag-and-drop bookmarks
Ans: Safari

59. Microsoft has introduced a cloud-based SQL relational database called Bigtable. (True/False)
Ans: False

60. Cloud storage is hosted by a third party, rather than being hosted on dedicated servers. (True/False)
Ans: True

61. Live Mesh gives us _____ of online storage and an online desktop that looks a lot like Windows Vista.
a) 2 GB
b) 4 GB
c) 5 GB
d) 8GB
Ans: c) 5 GB

62. Organization can access their cloud storage services through a _____.
Ans: web service application programming interface

63. SOA Stands for ___
a. Service Oriented Architecture
b. Servile Object Architecture
c. Storage Over Architecture
d. Storage Object Architecture
Ans: a. Service-Oriented Architecture

64. In storage service cost for the client is calculated on a cost per ___.
Ans: gigabyte.

65. ___ is the first publicly-available web service, in the United States during March 2006
a. GoDaddy
b. Amazon web services
c. Nirvanix
d. Google Docs
Ans: b. Amazon web services

66. Nirvanix has a strong password authentication state [True/False]
Ans: True

67. The App Engine datastore provides ___, ___ and ___ services behind the scene.
Ans: distribution, replication, and load-balancing

68. MobileMe is the subscription-based service by the ___ company
a. Cisco
b. apple
c. Google
d. IBM
Ans: b. apple

69. ___ is an international standard having a high-security component in the computer.
a. Trusted network connect
b. Trusted storage
c. Trusted platform module
d. None of the above
Ans: Trusted network connect

70. The cloud computing technology itself is a very secure one. (True/ False)
Ans: True

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