Business Communication Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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Business Communication Multiple Choice Questions

Business Communication Multiple Choice Questions and Answers: Part-2

1. For communication to take place, there must be a ___ and a ___.
Ans. Sender; receiver

2. Our dress code is an example of ___ communication.
Ans. Non-verbal

3. Communication is accurate when the ___ that is sent is the same as the ___ that is attached to it.
Ans. Message; meaning

4. Communication can take place using ___, ___ or ___.
Ans. Words; symbols; pictures

5. Communication may best be described as a ___.
Ans. Process

6. Communication is mostly through words.
Ans. False

7. The communication message is the same as the meaning of the message.
Ans. False

8. Communication is a dynamic process.
Ans. True

9. One reason for the failure of communication is the wrong interpretation of the message.
Ans. True

10. The success of communication depends only on the sender of the message.
Ans. False

11. Immediate feedback is possible in the case of face-to-face communication.
Ans. True

12. You feel that your professor does not have anything new to say and do not listen to him. This is an example of physiological noise leading to the communication failure.
Ans. False

13. Your boss gives you a good performance review at a time when the company is making profits. This is an example of chronological context influencing communication.
Ans. True

14. Group communication skills include listening skills.
Ans. True

15. Listening is not a part of communication skills.
Ans. False

16. Communication is needed only between superiors and subordinates.
Ans. False

17. External communication is as important as internal communication.
Ans. True

18. Team skills do not require the ability to communicate effectively.
Ans. False

19. A destructive review of performance can lower employee morale.
Ans. True

20. Two broad areas of communication are oral and written communication.
Ans. False

21. What you say is more important than how you say it.
Ans. False

22. Verbal communication is more likely to go wrong in a cross-cultural context.
Ans. True

23. Jargon refers to words with multiple meanings
Ans. False

24. A case-based GD requires greater analytical skills than a topic-based GD.
Ans. True

25. A job interview between an employer and a prospective employee is an example of a ___ ___ communication channel.
Ans. Two-way; face-to-face

26. In a one-way non-face-to-face channel, the communication is ___ and ___ in nature.
Ans. Verbal/written; impersonal

27. When you want the receiver to pay attention to your message, ___ communication is better than ___ communication.
Ans. Oral; written

28. When using a lot of jargon, ___ communication is more suitable than ___ communication.
Ans. Written; oral

29. Peers are co-workers who work only in different departments of an organization.
Ans. False

30. Criticizing an employee may be done in public.
Ans. False

31. A policy of openness is essential for good public relations.
Ans. True

32. Suggestions should only be given by superiors to subordinates.
Ans. False

33. In general, visuals should be prepared to match the ___.
Ans. Audience

34. A formal communication network is characterized by ___ ___.
Ans. Official channels;

35. The most valuable ideas and suggestions often come from ___ communication.
Ans. Upward;

36. An advantage of regular downward communication is ___.
Ans. Transparency/openness

37. In a multi-layer organization, ___ communication is more important than ___ communication.
Ans. Vertical; horizontal/lateral

38. While ___ should be suppressed, ___ networks should be accepted.
Ans. Rumours; informal

39. Some people are born listeners.
Asn. False

40. Comprehension listening is the most basic type of listening
Asn. False

41. Listening to a salesperson’s presentation is an example of evaluative listening?
Asn. True

42. Responding to customer complaints is an example of dialogic listening?
Asn. False

43. Solving employees’ problems often involves both empathetic and therapeutic listening.
Asn. True

44. Two types of media for presenting visual aids to a small audience are ___ and ___.
Ans. Flip charts, computerized displays

45. Paying more attention to the way a speaker is dressed, is an example of focusing on ___ rather than ___
Asn. Delivery; content

46. A good listener tries to understand the meaning behind ___and ___ messages.
Asn. Verbal; non-verbal

47. ___ are known to be physiologically quicker than ___.
Asn. Listeners; speakers

48. Active listening can be demonstrated verbally through ___ and ___.
Asn. Clarifications/questions; feedback/suggestions

49. A good listener is ___ and ___.
Asn. Curious; open-minded/attentive

50. Listening skills are equally important in all types of industries.
Asn. False

51. Customers should be made to apologize for making wrong complaints
Asn. False

52. Listening actively to a customer should be indicated through verbal communication.
Asn. True

53. Listening to employees, or inviting their suggestions involves only downward communication.
Asn. False

54. The type of listening during a job interview is mostly evaluative listening.
Asn. True

55. It is better to use the word “cognizant”, rather than “aware.”
Ans. False

56. The expression “Her voice was silky smooth” is an example of a metaphor.
Ans. True

57. Abstract nouns should be used as the subject in a sentence.
Ans. False

58. The sentence “Each of the following employees is being promoted” is grammatically correct.
Ans. False

59. Positive ideas may be expressed by using the second person pronoun.
Ans. True

60. Powerpoint slides should not be ___ and ___.
Ans. Cluttered/overcrowded, over-decorated

61. The tone of business writing should not be ___ and ___.
Ans. Negative/insincere/discourteous/exaggerated / discriminatory

62. Using the passive voice is a technique of ___.
Ans. Subordination/de-emphasis

63. Saying “Our products are synonymous with quality and affordability” is an example of ___
Ans. “My attitude”

64. Readability is determined by ___ ___.
Ans. Sentence length/word length

65. Saying “Manpower” instead of “Human Resources” is an example of ___ ___.
Ans. Sexist language/discriminatory tone

66. Conflicts between co-workers can be resolved through teleconferencing.
Ans. False

67. Asking for a few days of leave from work may be done through voice mail.
Ans. False

68. Telephone communication has the advantage of providing immediate feedback.
Ans. True

69. Two types of visual aids that can make presentations more credible are ___ and ___ ___.
Ans. Photographs, product demonstrations

70. ___ is better suited for large audiences than ___.
Ans. Transparencies, flip charts

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