Business Communication MCQ with Answers

Business Communication MCQ Quiz – Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for preparation of academic and competitive exams.

Business Communication MCQ

Business Communication MCQ with Answers

1. We cannot understand the intention of the author while reading any given text.
Ans. False

2. A book is read-only for the pleasure of reading it.
Ans. False

3. The intention of reading a medical report is to gain information.
Ans. True

4. Reading is an encoding process of communication.
Ans. False

5. A problem-solving meeting is the most frequently held type of meeting.
Ans. False

6. Match the following

i) Nominal Group Technique a. Mini – meeting
ii) Convergence b. Outline of meeting
iii) Minutes c. Unbiased
iv) Meeting etiquette d. Permanent record
v) Opening the meeting e. Different viewpoints

Ans. i) c, ii) e, iii) d, iv) a, v) b

7. After the meeting, follow-up must be done by the ___ and the ___
Ans. Chairperson; participants/members

8. A meeting without an agenda and convergence is a meeting that lacks ___
Ans. Structure

9. A meeting where there are unrelated discussions is one that lacks ___ Ans. Focus

10. Meetings are efficiently conducted when they are ___ and ___
Ans. Organized/conclusive/structured/focused

11. Meetings are ineffective when ___ are not made. Ans. Decisions

12. A memo is used only for upward communication. Ans. False

13. One of the three “C’s” of précis writing is “Components.”
Ans. False

14. Unlike a regular report, the memo is brief and informal.
Ans. True

15. Match the Following

i) Passive voice a. Main message
ii) Direct organizational plan b. Reasons first
iii) Persuasive memo c. Regular reports
iv) Indirect organizational plan d. Informational memo
v) Subject Line e. Call for action

Ans. i) c, ii) d, iii) e, iv) b, v) a

16. A ___ is a type of legal document.
Ans. Notice

17. A common purpose of notices and circulars is to ___, rather than ___.
Ans. Inform; persuade

18. A ___ ___ notice is an example of a notice sent to individual employees.
Ans. Show cause

19. The intranet is part of an informal communication network.
Ans. False

20. The intranet can be customized to meet the needs of smaller companies.
Ans. True

21. The intranet encourages grapevine.
Ans. False

22. The intranet can make meetings more focused.
Ans. True

23. The intranet involves high investment in maintenance and training.
Ans. True

24. Match the following

i) “WIFM” principle a. Acronym
ii) “P’s and Q”s b. Reader benefits
iii) Shouting c. Bullet points and white space
iv) Readability d. All capital letters
v) FYI e. Etiquette

Ans. i) b, ii) e, iii)d, iv) c, v) a

25. ___ and ___ channels are used to communicate with shareholders.
Ans. Oral; written

26. Project site and factory visits are part of ___ communication with shareholders.
Ans. crisis

27. Effective communication with shareholders means being ___ with them.
Ans. open/truthful

28. The language of business letters is similar to the language of advertising.
Ans. False

29. Every business letter should have a salutation, a body and a close.
Ans. True

30. The tone of a business letter is more important than the format.
Ans. False

31. Match the following –

i) Adjustment a) Rejecting a business proposal
ii) Order letter b) Persuasive message
iii) Bad newsletter c) Routine letters
iv) AIDA format d) Supplier
v) Credit and collection letters e) Replacement of the defective product

Ans. i) e, ii) d. iii) a , iv) b, v) c

32. A letter expressing a goodwill message should follow the ___ organizational plan.
Ans. Direct

33. Granting a request for a refund at the beginning of a letter means presenting the ___ ___ first.
Ans. Main idea

34. A ___ is an opening statement in a bad newsletter.
Ans. Buffer

35. In a persuasive letter, the indirect plan is called the ___ ___.
Ans. AIDA format

36. In an indirect plan, they ___ are presented first.
Ans. Reasons / explanations

37. A press release is a paid form of communication.
Ans. False

38. Maintaining good media relations is important for getting a press or news release accepted.
Ans. True

39. The purpose of a press release is to sell a company’s products.
Ans. False

40. Match the following –

i) Corporate advertising objective a. Display logo and message
ii) Event sponsorship b. Change of attitude
iii) Corporate social responsibility c. Company viewpoint
iv) Advocacy advertising d. Protect corporate reputation
v) Crisis communication e. Public Service Advertising

Ans. i) b, ii) a, iii) e, iv) c, v) d

41. Product advertising can communicate effectively without words, through the choice of an appropriate ___.
Ans. Medium/visual

42. Interest in a product can be built by developing a ___ ___ ___.
Ans. Unique selling proposition

43. Another name for the AIDA format is the ___.
Ans. Hierarchy of effects

44. A business report is a subjective presentation of information.
Ans. False

45. There is no single format for a business report.
Ans. True

46. The purpose of a proposal is to inform.
Ans. False

47. A compliance report is a one-time report.
Ans. False

48. The quality of a report is judged by its visual appeal.
Ans. False

49. Match the following

i) Memo format a. Bibliography
ii) Preliminary part b. Technical specifications
iii) Problem definition c. Informal
iv) Appendix d. Body of report
v) Documentation e. Executive summary

Ans. i) c , ii) e, iii)d, iv) b, v) a

50. Audience analysis helps to determine the ___ and the ___ of the report.
Ans. Tone/length; formality/complexity

51. The survey method is used to gather ___ data for a report.
Ans. Primary

52. ___ ___ and ___ are two ways of making a report more convincing.
Ans. Expert opinions; documentation/references/bibliography

53. The use of ___ ___ is a recommended technique of writing style in business reports.
Ans. Transition sentences/concrete nouns/correct tenses

54. It is better to emphasize the ___ in a report rather than the ___.
Ans. Ideas; writer/reader

55. Resumes should be tailored to the needs of different employers.
Ans. True

56. In a chronological resume, only the most recent job is listed.
Ans. False

57. A functional resume is more applicable for experienced candidates.
Ans. True

58. The components included in a resume will depend on the type of resume.
Ans. False

59. There is no prescribed length for a resume.
Ans. False

60. Match the following –

i) Solicited application letter a. Providing evidence and benefits
ii) Less competition for the applicant b. Relating qualifications with job
iii) Attention-getting opening c. Subject line
iv) Creating interest d. Unsolicited application letter
v) Convincing prospective employer e. Showing familiarity with the employer

Ans. i) c, ii) d, iii) e, iv) b, v) a

61. Letters of recommendation should contain ___ ___ And ___ ___.
Ans. Relevant information; legal safeguards

62. The indirect organizational plan is used to write ___ ___ letters and ___ ___ letters.
Ans. Job refusal; negative recommendation

63. A ___ ___ letter conveys good news.
Ans. Job acceptance

64. A GD is a free-wheeling discussion, with full freedom given to participants to select topics of their choice.
Ans. False

65. A GD evaluates participants based on the solution offered to a problem
Ans. False

66. What you say in a GD is as important as how you say it.
Ans. True

67. Match the following

i. Environmental barrier a. Psychological noise
ii. Individual barrier b. Physical noise
iii. Understanding customers’ problems c. Organizational barrier
iv. Suppressing the views of junior employees d. Active listening
v. Speaking with a foreign accent e. Written communication channel
vi. Messages with multiple meanings f. Eye movements
vii. Non-verbal communication g. Cultural barrier
viii. Letter addressing customer complaints h. Semantic barrier

Ans. i) b ii) a iii) d iv) c v) g vi) h vii) f viii) e

68. A ___ is one where a panel of interviewers interviews a single applicant
a. Group discussion
b. Personal interview
c. Feedback session
d. Group interview
Ans. d

69. In a traditional job search approach, you seek employment in a particular company.
a. True
b. False
Ans. b

70. ___ increases the likelihood of getting candidates with initiative and foresight.
a. Solicited application
b. Resume
c. Unsolicited job application letter
d. Recommendation letter.
Ans. c

71. ___ resume is appropriate when you are changing your career completely.
a. Functional
b. Cross-functional
c. Chronological
d. Professional
Ans. a

72. A progress meeting is the most challenging type of meeting.
Ans. False

73. An agenda provides an outline of how the meeting will run.
Ans. True

74. Only problem-solving meetings need to be planned in advance
Ans. False

75. An agenda is prepared by the participants of the meeting.
Ans. False

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