Bachelor of Business Administration – BBA Project report topics , ppt and synopsis of all regular as well as distance learning mode (Open Learning) Universities / Institutions like SMU – Sikkim Manipal University, SMUDE, AIMA, AMITY, IGNOU, SCDL (Symbiosis),  JAMIA, JMI, AMU, JHU Welingkar, VTU, Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University, YCMU, MIT, IMT, etc.

BBA Project report

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Few Sample topics of BBA Project report (General and Retail operation)

1 A study of the effect of taxation on business investment
2 A study on the perceptual relationship between overtime & output of sectors.
3 Accounting concepts and Information used in decision making by managers in banking organizations.
4 Age and Gender discrimination in the recruitment of entry-level accountants
5 An Empirical Evaluation of an inter-Bank electronic payment system
6 An empirical study of Ethical Vs Unethical Decision making by Certified Management Accountants
7 An empirical study of the impact of management’s cost system selection on earning per share;
8 An Experimental Investigation of the incremental value of operating cash flows in decision making.
9 An Extension of managerial accounting and operational auditing in the public sector.
10 Awareness of employees about their actual compensation and its impact on their motivation

11 Corporate tax policy and intra firm trade of Manufacturing companies.
12 Cost Evaluation using activity-based costing system in Manufacturing firms
13 Cost Management preferences of hotel & restaurant
14 Decision usefulness of management accounting information systems in constraints based manufacturing operations
15 Effect of communication during a merger & acquisition of employees behavioural outcomes of financial institutions of Nepal
16 Effect of training the trainer on training outcome
17 Effectiveness of managerial function on the level of satisfaction of employees
18 Effects of fun at workplace and employee morale and productivity and job satisfaction
19 Employee awareness with HR policy and its impact on job satisfaction
20 Employees adaptability towards new job positions with knowledge management strategies

21 Employees fairness perception and its effect on their mo
22 Factors considered by individuals when selecting an organization to give charity
23 Impact of employee performance recognition techniques on customer satisfaction in the restaurant industry
24 Impact of mentoring on banking career success
25 Impact of organizational climate on job satisfaction
26 of employees of banking sectors.
27 Organizational job rotation practices in Manufacturing firms of Nepal
28 Participation decision making and job satisfaction
29 Perception of employees regarding formal and informal training and their impact on potential performance/growth in the banking sector
30 Research on the effect on non-monetary factors on employee retention in the banking sector of Nepal.

31 Sexual harassment against women at workplaces and its impact on their motivation
32 The Effect of ABC inventory system adoption on firm performance
33 The effect of income taxation on life insurances
34 The effect of succession planning on employee retention
35 The effect of supervisory behaviour on salesforce satisfaction & turnover intention in pharmaceutical companies
36 The impact of human resource management practices on employee commitment and turnover intent
37 The impact of outsourced recruitment in HRM effectiveness
38 To study the effect of organizational team-building efforts on employees morale, job retention
39 To study the perception of employees about performance appraisal effectiveness and its impact on employee motivation

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