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Article on social issues in India: When do we think of the social issues in India what comes in our mind first? Is it untouchability, poverty, illiteracy, gender inequality or something else? In spite of the fact that untouchability was, is and will be the greatest unnatural unacceptable inhuman practice in our society. There are some other hidden but real existing social issues which co-exist in our society but no one really does care.

socialFor example, hate and denial among the people of the same caste sect and religion are existing since no one even can imagine when but it is there. Like I Said “hidden but real” hate and denial in the society among the same religious group, same caste sects, fits the criteria of hidden but real. And the unfortunate dilemma here is that everyone understands but no one would to admit. Whether you accept it or not but it is there, one just need the eye to find it.
Untouchability is in practice since hundreds of years in India between the upper caste Hindus and the casteless Hindus.

Why casteless? Basically, the Hindus are divided into four distinct categories on the basis of lineage and occupation 1) Brahmins 2) Kshatriyas 3) Vaishyas 4) Sudras but the people who don’t belong to any of these categories are no one but untouchables. Which is why I used the term casteless.

In Hindi, it means chuachhut, which sounds like a plague, what sick mind on earth would think “a touch of a man could make a man faithless? A step in the surrounding can make the whole region dirty ?. Breath in the open air could make the whole surrounding polluted?” This is nothing but sickness.

Like untouchability, there is also one other major social issues “Inequality between men and women” men being the superior and the fact there is no religion, caste, sect or race have much to do anything. Almost all are same in committing this heinous crime. See God made humans, above all other living beings and then God made Men (in India ). Although this is the most rapidly disappearing social injustice in society but still disappointing to mention that it is the second most prevalent evil in society. There is one shocking reality that everyone understands the issue but only if it doesn’t involve his own family.

Bharat ke Samajik Mudde in Hindi padhne ke liye yahan click karen

Other then untouchability, inequality between men and women, hate and denial there are so many issues still in there it is up to you to find those and try to abolish them and make your society a better place. No laws, policies or courts can do it better than the men himself. All you have to do is think that everyone born in the same way and no one is immortal, we all eat, breath and sleep.

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