AMU School Admission Guide 2019-2020 for Class I, VI & IX. Here you can find all the details about Aligarh Muslim University School admission.

Brief about AMU Schools

AMU School Admission

In tune with the ideals of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan and with the aim to educationally uplift a larger section of the community, Aligarh Muslim University maintains a number of Schools as follows:

  1. S T S School (Minto Circle)
  2. AMU City School
  3. AMU Girls’ School
  4. Ahmadi School for Visually Challenged
  5. AMU ABK High School
  6. AMU City Girls High School
  7. Abdullah School
  8. Sayyid Hamid Senior Secondary School (Boys)
  9. Senior Secondary School (Girls).

All Schools maintained by the University were established with the aim of imparting education to the backward community in general and the Muslim Community in particular.

Admission, however, is open to children of all communities without distinction of caste, creed, and religion.

These schools generally follow the C.B.S.E. / N.C.E.R.T. curriculum however AMU has their own board. Due attention is paid to the overall personality development of the students and they are encouraged to excel not only in academics but also in sports and extra-curricular activities. The Schools celebrate all National festivals and missions to inculcate the spirit of patriotism among its students.

Hostel Accommodation for Students

  1. Hostel facilities are only available for students admitted to Class VI in S.T.S. School.
  2. For students admitted to Class IX in S.T.S. School.
  3. AMU Girls School and Senior Secondary School (Girls).
  4. For students admitted to Ahmadi School for the Visually Challenged.
  5. In view of the limited hostel accommodation, all the candidates may not be possible to provide hostel accommodation.
  6. admission to the AMU Schools would not ensure allotment of hostel accommodation.
  7. Accommodation to students will be provided as per the policy/rules laid down by the Schools, subject to the availability of seats in the hostel.

AMU School Fee Structure

The fee charged in all the Schools is as follows:

  1. Class I-VIII (Boys) Annual Amount of Fee Rs. 4200.00 and Fee per instalment Rs. 1050.00.
  2. Class IX-X (Boys) Annual Amount of Fee Rs. 6600.00 and Fee per instalment Rs. 1650.00.
  3. Class I-X (Girls) Annual Amount of Fee Rs. 4200.00 and Fee per instalment Rs. 1050.00.


  • The fee shall be charged in four equal instalments.
  • The Fee as specified above may be revised by the University from time to time and notified accordingly.
  • Hostel and Food Charges are extra, wherever applicable.

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