AMU Class 6 Previous Year Question Paper : Session: 1994 – 1995

Unveiling the Ultimate Guide: AMU Class 6 Previous Year Question Paper Quiz for the Session 1994-1995


In the dynamic landscape of education, one of the key pillars of success is thorough preparation. For ambitious students gearing up for the Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) Class 6 examination, unlocking the potential of the previous year’s question papers is a game-changer.

In this comprehensive guide, we unravel the intricacies of the AMU Class 6 Previous Year Question Paper from the session 1994-1995, providing invaluable insights, strategies, and tips to elevate your preparation and soar to academic excellence.

The Power of Past: Navigating Previous Year Question Papers

As you set forth on your journey to conquer the AMU Class 6 examination, the significance of diving into the previous year’s question papers cannot be understated.

These papers stand as gold mines of information, offering a clear blueprint of the exam pattern, question styles, and mark allocation. They serve as a gateway to understanding the examiner’s mindset, enabling you to tailor your preparation for optimal success.

Decoding the AMU Class 6 Previous Year Question Paper: Session 1994-1995

Cracking the Syllabus Code

At the heart of every successful examination strategy lies a deep understanding of the syllabus. The session 1994-1995’s AMU Class 6 syllabus laid the foundation for the question paper.

By meticulously dissecting the syllabus, students can pinpoint crucial topics, subtopics, and subject areas that demand attention. This strategic approach empowers learners to allocate their study time efficiently, ensuring no stone is left unturned.

Unmasking Question Types

A profound analysis of the question types showcased in the 1994-1995 question paper unveils a rich tapestry of assessment techniques. Multiple-choice questions, short answer questions, and descriptive inquiries formed the mosaic of this paper.

It becomes evident that the examiners aimed not only to assess factual knowledge but also to evaluate analytical thinking, critical analysis, and problem-solving acumen. Recognizing these patterns equips students to tailor their preparation for multifaceted success.

Mastering the Art of Marking Schemes

Delving into the marking scheme employed during the 1994-1995 session unlocks a treasure trove of strategic insights.

Varying weights were assigned to different questions, presenting an opportunity for candidates to strategize their approach. By intelligently deciphering the mark distribution, students can strategically allocate time and effort, maximizing their chances of scoring higher.

Strategies for Triumph in the AMU Class 6 Examination

1. The Time Management Symphony:

Effective time management is the cornerstone of any successful examination strategy. By simulating exam conditions using the 1994-1995 question paper, candidates can refine their time allocation skills. Balancing time across sections while reserving room for revision ensures a comprehensive coverage of the paper without the stress of last-minute rushes.

2. The Clarity-Conquer Approach:

In the backdrop of the 1994-1995 question paper, clarity of concepts emerges as a triumphant approach. Beyond rote memorization, candidates were challenged to exhibit a deep grasp of concepts. Embracing conceptual clarity empowers students to confidently navigate a diverse array of questions, infusing precision and accuracy into their responses.

3. Leveraging the Power of Exemplars:

Exemplars, rooted in the 1994-1995 question paper, serve as beacons of guidance for candidates. These model answers exemplify the level of detail, structure, and presentation expected by the examiners. Incorporating these attributes into one’s responses can elevate the caliber of answers and leave an indelible mark on the evaluators.

Quiz for AMU Class 6 Previous Year Question Paper : Session: 1994 – 1995


AMU 6th SESSION: 1994-1995

Quiz AMU class 6th previous question bank: Session 1994 – 1995

1 / 25

We generally form adverbs by adding to the verbs

2 / 25

The indirect narration of; my brother said to me. You can still stand –first in your class.

3 / 25

The meaning of the word ‘benevolent’ is

4 / 25

The synonym of the word ‘ugly’ is

5 / 25

The synonym of the word ‘cobbler’ is

6 / 25

The synonym of the word acceleration is

7 / 25

He ran as fast as his legs could ....

8 / 25

The teacher should help their pupils ....... their abilities as powers

9 / 25

The .... is very pleasant today

10 / 25

.... punctual and regular

11 / 25

God helps those who help ....

12 / 25

Kashmir is worth it ....

13 / 25

It is half .... eight.

14 / 25

.... is very hot today.

15 / 25

.... cow is a useful animal.

16 / 25

Oxford is .... university

17 / 25

The car .... by the driver

18 / 25

.... of us can fly like birds.

19 / 25

Though he worked very hard .... he could not get the highest marks.

20 / 25

The principle praised .... for our good performance

21 / 25

This book is ....

22 / 25

I am afraid .... snakes.

23 / 25

My brother play .... me every evening.

24 / 25

Arif is standing .... Samad and Adnan

25 / 25

He went to Delhi .... train

Your score is

The average score is 0%


AMU Class 6 Previous Year Question Paper : Session: 1993 – 1994


Embarking on the quest for academic excellence demands mastery of the AMU Class 6 Previous Year Question Paper from the session 1994-1995.

By unraveling the syllabus alignment, deciphering question types, and harnessing the art of marking schemes, candidates can supercharge their preparation and set the stage for success.

With systematic time management, conceptual prowess, and the guidance of exemplars, aspirants can approach the AMU Class 6 examination with poise and proficiency.

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