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About Aligarh Muslim University (AMU)

Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) is one of the main Central Universities in India which is located in the Aligarh district of Uttar Pradesh. Aligarh Muslim University is a residential educational institute. It was founded in 1920 by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan and was granted Central University status in 1921 through an Act of Indian Parliament. On the lines of the University of Cambridge, it was the first high educational institution created during the British Raj. It was originally a Muslim Anglo-Oriental College, founded by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, a great Muslim social reformer. Several prominent Muslim leaders, Urdu writers, and scholars of the subcontinent have graduated from the University.

Aligarh Muslim University

More than 250 courses are taught in the traditional and modern branch of education at Aligarh Muslim University. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, the great social reformer of his time, felt the need for modern education and started a school in 1875, which later became the Muslim Anglo-Oriental College and eventually the Aligarh Muslim University in 1920. This major Central University with many departments and established institutions attract students from all corners of the world, especially Africa, Western Asia, and South-East Asia. Seats are reserved for students of SAARC and Commonwealth countries in some courses. The university is open to all caste, creed, religion or gender students. Aligarh is located 130 km away from Delhi-Kolkata Railway and Grand Trunk Route in the southeast of Delhi.

Mir Nizam Ali Khan, the seventh Nizam of Hyderabad, donated 5 lakh rupees to this university in the year 1951.

Library of Aligarh Muslim University

All rare manuscripts are present along with 13.50 lakh books in AMU’s Maulana Azad Library.

The main objects and manuscripts in the Museum of AMU

  • The establishment of Library in 1877 AD.
  • The price of Index Islam, priced at Rs 12 lakh
  • Catalog of Persian manuscript
  • Thirty and four million rare books manuscripts and research paper online.
  • Translated Geeta of Akbar’s Darbari Faizi in Persian
  • The manuscript of Mahabharata translated into Persian 400 years ago.
  • Bhojpatra has written in Tamil language
  • 1400 years old Koran.
  • The special Qurtas was written by the Quran of the Mughal rulers, who are called Defense constables.
    Sir Syed’s books and manuscripts
  • The amazing painting of Jahangir’s painter Manoru Kanak is present.

Museum of AMU

There are many historically important items in the Musa Dakri Museum of AMU, which is also the collection of 27 Syed Ahmed’s Dev Talents, which he had collected while visiting different places. Important historical heritage items present in the Museum of AMU;

  • There are 23 statues of Adinath on the stupa of Mahavir Jain and around the stupa.
  • The seven Gods statue of Concrete in pillar made of golden stones.
  • Batman, stones and iron weapons searched from Eta and Fatehpur Sikri
  • Lying Lord Vishnu on the rest of Shia Sun-god of concrete
  • Many things of the Mahabharata period, the remains of dinosaurs
  • The poetry of the British Cal of Papai Mian, Founder of Women’s College.
  • Paintings made by painter Maqbool Fida Hussein and his son Shamasad
  • The ancient clock emitted from the Victoria Gate of AMU
  • Retired two and a half thousand years old from Jawar Khan of Udaipur.

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Aligarh Muslim University Awardees

Bharat Ratna

  1. Dr. Zakir Hussain (1963)
  2. Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan (1983)

Padma Vibhushan

  1. Dr. Zakir Hussain (1954)
  2. Hafiz Muhammad Ibrahim (1967)
  3. Syed Basir Hussain Zaidi (1976)
  4. Pro. Aved Siddiqui (2006)
  5. Pro. Raja Rao (2007)
  6. Pro. AR Kidwai (2010)


  1. Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah (1964)
  2. Pro. Syed Juhur Qasim (1982)
  3. Pro. Ali Ahmed Surrender (1985)
  4. Naseeruddin Shah (2003)
  5. Pro. Irfan Habib (2005)
  6. Kurratul Haidar (2005)
  7. Javed Akhtar (2007)
  8. Dr. Ashok Seth (2014)


53 great students of the University


  1. Kurtulan Haidar (1989)
  2. Ali Sardar Jafri (1997)
  3. Pro. Shayariar (2008)

The contribution of the University in Indian Justice

Judge of the Supreme Court

  1. Justice Baharul Islam
  2. Justice Syed Murtaza Fazal Ali
  3. Justice S. Sahih Ahmed
  4. Justice RP Sethi

High Court Judges

High Court 47 Judge from AMU

University’s leading personality

  1. Zakir Hussain, Former President of India
  2. Liaquat Ali Khan, the first Prime Minister of Pakistan
  3. Ali Ashraf Fatami, Minister of State for Human Resource (2004-2009) in the Government of India.
  4. Sahib Singh Verma, BJP leader and former Chief Minister of Delhi, Union Labor Minister
  5. Mohammad Hamid Ansari, former Vice President of India
  6. Dhyan Chand, the principal hockey player.
  7. Mushtaq Ali, ex-cricketer and captain of India
  8. Lala Amarnath, father of former cricket player Mohinder Amarnath
  9. Irfan Habib, historian
  10. Ishwar Prasad, historian
  11. Piyara Singh Gill, physicist
  12. Asrul Haq Majazz, Urdu poet
  13. Kaifi Azmi, Urdu poet ‘
  14. Raahi Maasoom Raza, Author
  15. Javed Akhtar, lyricist, and shayar.
  16. K. Asif, Director of Mughle-Azam Film
  17. Naseeruddin Shah, film actor
  18. Experience Sinha, Director of Hindi films
  19. Dalip Tahil, film actor
  20. Shad Khan, TV artist
  21. Jas Chauhan, actor

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