Advertising Management & Sales Promotion MCQ with answers

Advertising Management & Sales Promotion MCQ with answers. These questions are very useful for the preparation for competitive exams.

Advertising Management & Sales Promotion MCQ

1. Advertising is any paid form of ___ presentation and promotion of ideas or products by an ___.
Ans. non-personal, identified sponsor

2. Advertising is a persuasive communication that aims to change or reinforce one’s prior ___.
Ans. attitudes

3. Advertising is mass media communication that attempts to persuade audiences and build a positive attitude towards a product. (True/ False)
Ans. True

4. An advertiser needs to remind the consumer that the product exists and that it is there when he needs it. (True/ False)
Ans. True

5. With advanced tools of measuring advertising performance, advertisers are able to judge better when and how much impact an ad campaign makes on sales. (True/ False)
Ans. True

6. In addition to the traditional approach of how advertising works, which views consumers as a conscious information processor, we need to also incorporate the idea of ___ processing of advertising which gives an idea of how consumers perceive ads.
Ans. unconscious

7. Even a small advertisement will be noticed in spite of the ___ in the media and ___ from the target audience towards unwanted communication
Ans. clutter, resistance

8. For some products like FMCG, automobiles, fashion clothes, etc., advertising is the breath of life and they rely primarily on the power of advertising because ___.
Ans. they are in a highly competitive market

9. Most organisations do not engage inconsistent use of advertising to meet marketing objectives as they feel it is a waste of money. (True/False)
Ans. False

10. Without advertisements, consumers will not be aware of the products’ existence (True/False)
Ans. True

11. The ___ is the company, individual, institution or government, which places an advertisement in the mass media and pays for it.
Ans. Advertiser

12. The advertiser’s goal is twofold – dissemination of ___ about his/her product or service and ___ in order to influence the purchasing decision.
Ans. accurate information, persuasion

13. An advertising agency is the organization that deals with the advertiser in meeting the communication requirements of a product. (True/False)
Ans. True

14. Advertising is not only about being creative, winning awards, or working in a glamorous profession, but it is also about selling, be it a product, service, celebrity, national prestige, or corporate image. (True/False)
Ans. True

15. To sell in the Indian market, advertisers will need to have a deep understanding of ___.
Ans. consumers in India

16. Understanding of ___ income and spending pattern are necessary in order to work on structured marketing and advertising strategies in a better way.
Ans. disposable

17. The current economic condition is the result of many factors pooling together, and it affects the advertising and marketing industries hugely. (True/False)
Ans. True

18. Consumers are responding lesser than ever to ___ advertising for various reasons.
Ans. traditional

19. ___ started the first ad agency as a space broker in 1841.
Ans. Volney B. Palmer

20. In any large or medium agency, there is a ___ who is not only a successful copywriter with experience, but is also in charge of, and held responsible for, all text that goes out.
Ans. Copy chief

21. There is steady growth in the rural and semi-rural areas (True/False)
Ans. True

22. Brand managers, advertising and marketing managers are constantly watching all the trends to devise their action plan. (True/False)
Ans. True

23. ___ do the wording of an advertisement, be it print, radio or television.
Ans. Copywriters

24. The ___ translates the campaign concept into visual images, symbols and movements.
Ans. art department

25. In bigger agencies, there is a creative director who oversees and coordinates copy and art departments. (True/False)
Ans. True

26. It is the job of ___ department to make the agency’s creative work ready for the media or final distribution.
Ans. production

27. ___ is primarily concerned with the procurement of media real estate at optimal placement and price.
Ans. media buyer

28. A whole range of services like sound and editing studios, still and video photography, printing, exhibition erection, outdoor structures, gift item producers, event managers, etc. fall into ___ category.
Ans. ancillary

29. An ___ has to coordinate with the marketing and sales function so that the advertising efforts may be fully integrated with the firm’s marketing and sales strategy.
Ans. advertising manager

30. The hiring of an advertising agency is a function of the advertising manager. (True/False)
Ans. True

31. Marketing objectives are usually outlined in terms of sales or profit goals. (True/False)
Ans. True

32. Which of the following is a behavioural objective of advertising?
a. Clearing misconception about price
b. Generating brand awareness
c. Generating inquiries
d. Establishing the superiority of brand A over brand B
Ans. c. Generating inquiries

33. Advertising objectives are created independently of marketing objectives. (True/False)
Ans. False

34. The DAGMAR approach supports setting sales-oriented objectives for advertising campaigns. (True/False)
Ans. False

35. The DAGMAR approach requires that the objectives should be measurable and it should be possible to specify the measurement procedure. (True/False)
Ans. True

36. A corporate campaign focuses on ___.
Ans. Company’s image

37. ___ cannot be the objective of advertising.
a. Creating a brand image
c. Announcing new outlets
b. Promoting sales
d. Broadcasting entertaining commercials
Ans. d. Broadcasting entertaining commercials

38. ___ is the process by which a message is transformed into a symbolic form before transmitting it to the receiver.
Ans. Encoding

39. The process of communication is completed when the receiver gives ___, but the problem with advertising is that it may lead to delayed ___.
Ans. Feedback/response, response

40. In word-of-mouth communication, there is no clear ___ for the message.
Ans. Destination

41. Communication is typically a one-way process. (True/False)
Ans. False

42. Election advertising has come a long way from the erstwhile practice of sloganeering and propaganda to the use of blogs. (True/False)
Ans. True

43. With the plethora of media available to reach consumers, securing their attention has become easier than before. (True/False)
Ans. False

44. An ad that shocks a consumer is likely to receive more attention. (True/False)
Ans. True

45. People are likely to react favourably to ads with beautiful models because of perception. (True/False)
Ans. True

46. We tend to integrate similar things into groups and perceive them as a whole because of___.
Ans. Gestalt perception

47. What does Gestalt generally mean?
Ans. An organised whole that is perceived as more than its individual parts

48. We remember the positive aspects of the brands we love but forget those of the competitors because of ___.
Ans. Selective retention

49. ___ is a person’s favourable or unfavourable disposition towards an idea, a person, a thing or a situation.
Ans. Attitude

50. Attitudes exist only at the feeling level. (True/False)
Ans. False

51. It is important to project only the strongest feature or the one most important to the target group in selling the message. (True/False)
Ans. True

52. In which advertising theory is the Elaboration Likelihood Method applicable?
Ans. Dual-process Theory

53. What are the two types of elaboration in message processing?
Ans. Item specific and relational

54. People want to avoid ___ that disturbs the existing frame of reference built over time.
Ans. Dissonance

1. A consumer’s family history does not have any bearing on his/her purchase decisions. (True/False)
Ans. False

55. According to the AIDA model of consumer response, a consumer is likely to purchase a product in the ___ stage of responding to communication. (first/final)
Ans. Final

56. Speciality advertising is also known as collaterals. (True/False).
Ans. True

57. In ___ advertising several parties with the same brands or products share the advertising expense.
Ans. Cooperative

58. Outdoor advertisements covers a big area and includes everything from hoardings, posters, etc. (True/False)
Ans. True

59. Creativity that ignores the aptness or purpose of a message fails in bringing desired results. (True/False).
Ans. True

60. ___ is a specialized field of marketing research that determines an ad’s effectiveness based on consumer responses, feedback, and behaviour.
Ans. Copy testing

61. A ___ is the first element that a reader notices in a print ad.
Ans. visual

62. ___ do not try to sell the brands manufactured by the company but attempt to build the equity and image for the company itself.
Ans. Corporate advertisements

63. ___ are written exactly like an editorial piece.
Ans. Advertorials

64. Advertisements on polio vaccination and basic healthcare are examples of ___ advertising
Ans. public service

65. Industrial advertising sell all the capital goods, B-to-B and intermediary industrial products, maintenance and after-care services, etc. (True/False)
Ans. True

66. The ___ is considered to be the most important part of a print copy that is supposed to convey the main message in an ad.
Ans. headline

67. ___ scheduling is best for products that are purchased regularly.
Ans. Continuity

68. ___ express the relationship between the actual cost of advertising in a medium and the audience delivered by that medium.
Ans. Relative costs

69. ___ allows one media outlet to take advantage of the features and benefits offered through other media outlets.
Ans. Convergence

70. ___ is responsible for purchasing media and negotiating rates.
Ans. Media buyer

71. A ___ is a means or vehicle for the dissemination of a message.
Ans. medium

72. Delivering the right message to the right person at the right time is the fundamental objective of ___.
a. Advertising c. Media
b. Branding d. Copy-writer
Ans. c. Media

73. ATL media are more useful when the advertiser wants to deliver an experience. (True/False)
Ans. False

74. The combination of various media selected for a particular campaign is called its ___.
Ans. Media mix

75. ___ combines the continuity and flight scheduling methods so that the brand maintains a low level of advertising across all months but spends more in peak selling months.
Ans. Pulse scheduling

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Advertising Management & Sales Promotion Quiz

Welcome to the Advertising Management & Sales Promotion Quiz by Eguardian India! Whether you are a professional in the marketing and advertising industry, or a novice just starting out, this quiz will test your knowledge of the various aspects of managing and promoting your products and services. Find out how well you know your stuff now, and get ready to take your advertising and sales game to the next level!

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Advertising and Sales is about the ___ P of Marketing

2 / 25

Advertising is a Purposeful ___, designed to achieve an objective.

3 / 25

One of the elements of Advertising from consumer’s point of view is :

4 / 25

Cognizance of the Competitive Situation theory was given by :

5 / 25

Rogers was instrumental in developing the ___ model.

6 / 25

The Last Need in Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs is :

7 / 25

DINK family refers to :

8 / 25

Vernacular Newspapers refers to

9 / 25

Persuasion process model when person reflects on content of message is :

10 / 25

In rural markets a major bottleneck for advertising industry is :

11 / 25

ASCI stands for

12 / 25

Model Database, Solution base and Dialogue Management are 3 parts of :

13 / 25

GPS is also known as

14 / 25

A Computer Process to convert data to information is :

15 / 25

Wal mart is a :

16 / 25

The Triangle of Communication is formed by :

17 / 25

OOH stands for

18 / 25

A Computer Process to convert data to information is :

19 / 25

___ and Schewe have designed ___ general methods used for scheduling advertising:

20 / 25

Which Construction Machinery company announced the opening of it’s 4th Production Unit at Jaipur recently:

21 / 25

ZU ZU is a popular TV Advertising Character of ___ group :

22 / 25

ABC advertising agency does creative work for clients. So it is a ___ agency

23 / 25

Different Advertisers have ___ needs as far advertising is concerned

24 / 25

4 P’S of Marketing is a term introduced by.

25 / 25

ABC advertising agency does creative work for clients. So it is a ___ agency

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