5 Best Book Reading Applications to Download Right Now

Did you ever just pick a book to read and not put it down? Book reading is addictive, and the hangover is real. Once you build a taste for specific books and pick up the hobby of reading, you can’t get over it.

The best part of adopting this hobby is that it is highly rewarding; it advances your knowledge and ability to think critically, deposits your vocabulary bank, and keeps you away from the toxic habits of scrolling through social media endlessly.


We can’t stress enough how important reading is, but if you are building a reading habit and are already loving reading, you will be looking for books to add to your library. Well, this is easy, especially in today’s digital age.

5 Best Book Reading Applications to Download Right Now

Gone are the days when you would navigate through libraries to find novel or classic book additions. Today, there are lots of digital platforms that allow you to purchase books on the go, read them online, or download them for free.

The best among them all are book-reading applications, which are specifically developed for smartphones and tablets, allowing you to have a plethora of books on your device and read them whenever and wherever you want. Since there are lots of ebook applications, it would be incredibly difficult for you to choose one.

Don’t worry!

In this article, we are going to look at some of the stellar applications for book lovers. So, if you are a book enthusiast, you should read this til the end to find the best eBook app to read a wide range of books, manage your digital library, and discover new reading experiences.

But before we hop on to the list, we will give you a quick reminder to keep your device connected to a smooth internet connection. Doing this will enhance your reading experience, allowing you to tap on multiple features.

So, make sure your device is connected to a top-tier internet connection, like Optimum, which lets you browse through e-book applications and their extensive features impeccably. Plus, if you are a Spanish speaker, you may check out 24/7 Optimum servicio al cliente en español to learn more about exclusive deals.

Anyway, let’s dive into the list of applications right away:

1. Amazon Kindle

We can bet that if you are truly a bookworm, you already know about the Amazon Kindle. And if not, you would be dreading not knowing about it before. Well, Kindle is a feature-rich application for readers, and it is available for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows.

In this application, you can learn about Kindle ebooks without having to buy a Kindle eReader device. It means that through this app, you can read any Kinddle-branded ebook without worry.

Moreover, this app comes with exclusive features, making it truly the best among the rest. For example, it includes a built-in dictionary and allows you to skip ahead without losing your place. Also, Amazon’s X-Ray tech provides extra information on the book characters while you are reading.

2. Media 365

The next tremendous reading application is Media 365. It is a free reading app for Android, and it lets you read any of the books in its library for free, but you may have ads popping up on fullscreen occasionally. Also, you can adjust the font size by simply doing a two-finger pinch on the screen.

Also, this platform allows authors to publish on it, allowing you to access a wide selection of niches to explore. Its library has ebooks in over 15 languages, so you can reach whichever book you want.

3. Libby

The next application that makes it to the list of top book-reading applications is Libby, an amazing platform to read books for free. This app allows you to support local libraries by allowing you to borrow books and magazines through your mobile device.

So, once you download the books, you can read them even without an internet connection. The best thing is that you can borrow over 10 books at a time. Moreover, this app supports audiobooks so that you can listen to them on your phone if you prefer.

Moreover, the interface is highly intuitive and easy to use, so you don’t need to worry about not having the expertise to use it. You can download this application now, as it is available on Android, iOS, and Amazon.

4. Google Play Books

The next on our list is another incredible book-reading application, Google Play Book. Since it is a Google product, it should be enough of a testament to invest your trust in it.

If it is not enough to convince you, let us tell you that this book-reading app has a wealth of over five million books and audiobooks.

There it is! It has the most extensive collection of books to offer you. Moreover, the ebooks can be downloaded for free without spending a buck. It does not end here. It supports Adobe Digital Editors, Google Home, and web browsers.

5. Goodreads

Another application that is well-suited for bookworms is Goodreads. Once you sign up for this application, you get to access and read lots of books of your interest.

Moreover, it allows you to leave reviews and follow friends and authors to see what they are reading. It is more like a collaborative reading application where you don’t just read but interact.

Also, on this platform, you can search for specific authors and book titles to find new collections to read.

Bottom Line

The book-reading trend is not dying out; it is just that people are finding innovative and more digital ways to access and read books.

So, if you love reading books and are still unaware of what this digital world has to offer you, then you must check out the list of applications we have listed, as they not only allow you to read books but have a great reading experience, altogether.

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